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    • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges
    • Union ball valves for easy installation
    • Multi housing systems include wall mount brackets and hardware
    • All systems are shipped pre-assembled
    • Double O-Ring seal that is leak proof
    • Maximum operating pressure 85 PSI (5 BAR)
    • Maximum operating temperature 100˚F (37˚C)
  • Standard Filter Housings are an excellent choice for low-flow applications. Their compact design makes them ideal for various applications, such as under sink filter systems, reverse osmosis systems, food services and recreational vehicles.

  • Jumbo filter housings for large capacity filtration requirements, including high flow or heavy turbidity applications. The Jumbo filter housings providing greater velocity, reducing the number of housings for high flow applications. The housings are available in both 10” and 20” lengths.

  • Melt blown polypropylene cartridges are manufactured from 100 percent pure polypropylene fibres. These cartridges are designed for turbidity, sediment, suspended matter removal, providing water purity. These cartridges will not cause any water tastes, odours or colour when used within the required temperature range. The polypropylene provides excellent chemical resistance and is not prone to bacteria contamination.

  • These pleated cartridges are manufactured from pleated polyester media for sediment, sand, grit, turbidity and suspended matter removal for general water filtration. The polyester media is pleated around a polypropylene core for support and the end caps are immersed in a thermo vinyl plastic. This process embeds and seals each end of the pleated cartridge generating an excellent seal on the cartridge end cap.

  • Dual Gradient Density Polypropylene Cartridges are manufactured with 100% pure polypropylene fibres and are sized to fit Jumbo filter housings. Our dual gradient polypropylene cartridges will reduce turbidity, dirt, grit, suspended matter, sand, rust and scale.

  • String wound cartridges are manufactured from durable 100 percent polypropylene string that is wound tight to a rigid polypropylene core for best filtration. Our string wound cartridges are an economical solution to filter out suspended matter, turbidity, sand, silt, grit and rust.

  • The Granular Activated Coconut Shell Acid Washed Carbon Cartridge is clean carbon that is effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, tastes, odours, and many volatile chemicals from potable drinking water supplies. The Granular Activated Coconut Shell Acid Washed Cartridges are made from acid washed coconut shell carbon.

  • Acid Washed Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridges are highly effective at removing chlorine, chloramines, tastes, odours and many volatile chemicals from potable drinking water supplies. The carbon block filter cartridges are made from Acid washed coconut shell carbon. The carbon removes chlorine, chloramines, tastes, odours and most volatile chemicals. They are an excellent choice for residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications.